Sigma Instrument Method Results


The doctor will initially have in a one-on-one conversation with you to ascertain the possible causes of your problem and your medical history.  The adjustment and treatment procedures will then be tailored to fit each patient's needs.


The next step in the evaluation process is to use the Sigma Instrument Method's sophisticated computerized analysis to isolate the problem areas. The information is then recorded graphically on a computer, so your doctor can discover the problem areas each time you come in.


Now treatment commences with the Sigma Instrument Method. By employing the Sigma Instrument Method's resonant force impulses precisely to the affected areas, you will receive mild, effective treatment to the exact area, thus reducing the subluxation.


The pressure on the nerve is relieved allowing the nerve to heal and restoring the nerve's capacity to transmit signals to and from the brain more freely. Most significantly, it will help alleviate the pain!


Additionally, your doctor may obtain new readings after the adjustment with the Sigma Instrument Method to compare the results. Taking analysis to a whole new level.

 If you are looking to enjoy more quality time with your family, have more energy and less fatigue, perform better at work and live life to the fullest with less limitations, then give Chiropractic and the Sigma Instrument Method a try. You'll be very glad you did


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