Enjoy a Lifetime of Healthy Living


You established a foundation for healthy living during your purification.  Now build on that foundation during the next post-purification phase.  And when you will expand on what you've learned during purification, you will be able to live a more " natural " yet healthy lifestyle.


During post-purification:


- Eat healthy. Fruits, vegetables, and lean meats remain the core of the post-purification diet.


- View program diet.


- Introduce "new" foods (those not included in the purification diet).  Eating healthy food for three weeks and it will be clear how and which "new" foods will affect you.  Your health care professional will work with you and guide you to prudently and methodically introduce new foods into your diet.  And to keep a record of how these new foods affect you, keep a food journal.

- You will find that portion control and reading labels affects your success.  The program guide will provide guidelines to help you realize your goals.



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