Pain: It is Not a Normal Condition

Your body's way of telling you that something is not right is with pain. It's a warning sign. Every day millions of people live through pain at some point in their day; some even start and end their day in pain.

Acute and chronic, the two types of pain. Acute pain, mild or severe and can be caused by a broken bone, bruise, sprain or even a cut. It is a new pain. Chronic Pain - Avery Chiropracticpain is not the same. It can last for six months or more and may be accompanied by exhaustion, insomnia or weight changes.

Many people turn to painkillers to ease the symptoms. In reality, there is nothing wrong with getting rid of the pain. No one wants to live with discomfort. Medication is a band-aid, only masking the causes of the problem.

Wouldn't it be more desirable to find the true cause and treat it directly… naturally? Absolutely it would!

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