Orthotics: Foundation of Your Body


What Happens When Your Feet Hit the Ground?


   The foundation of your body is your feet.  They support you when you walk, run or stand.  And they save your spine, bones, and soft tissues from harm as you move around.


To perform their best, your feet must have all their muscles, bones and arches in their best stable positions.


Three arches form the foot and when properly cared for, give extraordinary supportive strength. These three arches form a supporting vault that distributes the entire body’s weight.


There can be a chain reaction…


If one arch in the foot is compromised, the remaining arches must compensate which causes added stresses, typically leading to additional compromises. See?... a chain reaction.


Orthotics enhances your body’s performance and effectiveness by balancing and stabilizing your feet, which lessens pain and contribute to your total body wellness.  Our orthotics complement your treatment when you walk, run or stand and live an active life.


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