A splitting headache - the throbbing, pounding, ‘kill-me-now and put me out of my misery’ sensation that is an all too accepted condition for millions of people everyHeadache - Avery Chiropractic day. Many people suffer headaches several times a month, for others they are far more frequent. A headache can affect not only your job, but your family life as well. HEADACHES are not a normal condition.

Most people turn to medication of some sort for relief. Regrettably, relief is generally short-lived, and the cycle returns again and again. If the root of the problem is not found and treated, the headaches will continue, no matter how many pills you take.

The most common cause of headaches is muscle tension, although many things can cause a headache; including sinus problems and alcohol use. The brain itself does not register the ache. But there are nerves, veins and arteries wrapped around the head, and a headache often results if these cranial nerves are compressed, pulled or irritated. Help is often achievable!

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