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What is Chiropractic Care?

It is a scientific fact that our nervous system controls or influences the function of every cell in our body.   Chiropractic healthcare is a branch of the healing arts based this fact.  Interference with this nervous system (caused by the Vertebral Subluxation Complex or Nerve Impingement Syndrome) will affect how this nervous system relates to every cell in the body.

The term "Chiropractic" derives from the Greek words "cheiro and praktikos" meaning "done by hand."  The Chiropractor model of health is focused on the philosophy that the human body, being knit together in a wonderful way, will heal itself given the opportunity. Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) essentially encourage the healing process by lessening nerve interference.

When do you need a Chiropractor in New Port richey?

The purpose of the Chiropractic approach to healthcare (the wellness model) is to reveal your health conditions, not merely cover up your symptoms.  The absence of symptoms (pain) does not necessarily equate to good health!  The best way to illustrate this is by studying the statistics on heart attacks.  Research tells us that in approximately 33% of all heart attack cases, the first symptom of the attack is death!.. thus the absence of symptoms does not necessarily equate to good health.

Wellness care encompasses several facets of overall health; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Chiropractic Education

Most people do not know that today's chiropractor has undergone virtually the same intense education as Medical and Osteopathic students for the first two years of their schooling.  Medical students and Chiropractic students alike, spend an enormous amount of time studying anatomy, physiology, neurology and other basic sciences.

The chief difference during the first two years is that Medical students have a heavy emphasis on pharmacology (study of prescription drugs) and Chiropractic students emphasize nutrition and natural alternatives to drugs.

After the first two years their programs take a different direction.  Medical students prepare for the “trade” by rotating each month to different medical specialties such as pediatrics, orthopedics and family medicine.

Chiropractic students focus on learning the tools of their “trade.”  Chiropractic treatment today can be successful using either manual or computer controlled care, such as with the ProAdjuster.  Both have their advantages and are offered at Avery Chiropractic & Wellness Center, your chiropractor, New Port Richey.

Doctors of both Medicine and Chiropractic are very well trained to treat their individual patients employing the skills of their professions.  A promising and encouraging trend in health care today is that many healthcare clinics provide both Chiropractic and Medical care for their patients

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