Does Arthritis Control Your Life?

Arthritis is an illness that affects the whole body, but it is most frequently found in the joints. It is projected that the majority of people over the age of 50 have some form of the disease (usually osteoarthritis).

You, a friend or even a loved one, might wake up with body stiffness, joint aches or pain that restricts activity. Lots of people younger than 50 also experience the effects of arthritis. It is sometimes found to be caused by stress placed on the body, more precisely spinal stress that produces wear and tear on the joints.

The body's normal defense can often be found on x-rays of the spine, where spurring or bone growth has occurred as a way of protecting a damaged area. The traditional approach for most people is to treat pain and joint discomfort with drugs. This is merely a band-aid or temporary solution at best.

Wouldn't it be wise to find the reason for the problem? Good news… Arthritis pain and the restrictions it places on your life may shortly be eliminated.

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